• Children’s Bathrobes


    Children's Bathrobes are not luxury, but a necessity.

    After the bath, children often manage to catch colds and the blame rests with ordinary drafts. After wiping with a towel,  the skin remains still wet for a while. That is why a warm bathrobe is the best clothes to put on after a shower. It absorbs excess of moisture well, while maintaining a sensation of comfort and warmth.

  • Hotel bathrobes


    Man's bathrobe. Long sport model (the length from the collar bottom to the bathrobe flap – 132 cm).
    Looped terry, that creates a light, massaging effect. Unforgettable feeling of lightness, softness, sporty style and the noble colours! Double-sided hood, wide cuffs.
    Hypoallergenic material with antibacterial properties. Perfectly absorbs moisture.

  • Hotel towels


    Plain white terry hotel towels. Plain dyed towels with the smooth surface of terry structure. When properly washed such towels will not get yellow (it is best not to overuse bleach) When machine washed the towels should be washed at a 600rpm speed of the drum of the washing machine.

    In order to avoid the stiffness of towels, it is required to wash towels carefully and not exceed the standard temperature limits used for washing textile products. Terry that is soft and pleasant to touch will create a sense of coziness and nicely wipe out the remaining moisture from the skin. We have plain dyed towels of dark and bedding shades, as well as borderless and varied composition towels.

  • Single Colour Towels


    Perfect towel made of soft and fluffy yarn. It has superior moisture absorbing properties and is fast drying. Medium height of the loop. Perfect for the family. Selection of sizes: Towel for bath  70cmx140cm, sauna 100cmx150cm, face 50cmx 90cm.

    Aisha Home Textile Technology – a special towel made of zero torsion yarn. Such towels are made of long-staple cotton characterized by its high quality. The longer fiber cotton yarn the higher the price. Gentle and long fibers cotton do not twist in the yarn, which gives the towel special qualities and shine.

  • Aisha Classic


    A perfect example of a factory-made quality towel. The height of the loop and its structure are designed to improve the hydroscopic properties of towel. Such towels are fade-, wear- and wash resistant, and suitable for the whole family.

  • Однотонное полотенце

    Великолепное полотенце из нежной и пушистой пряжи. Прекрасно впитывает влагу и быстро сохнет. Длина петли средняя. Идеально для семьи. Выбор размеров: банный размер 70х140 см, для сауны – 100х150 см, лицевое полотенце 50х90 см.
    Технология Aisha Home Textile – особенное полотенце из пряжи нулевого кручения. Для производства такого полотенца используется длинноволокнистый хлопок, отличающийся своими высокими показателями. Чем длиннее волокно хлопка, тем выше цена пряжи. В пряже нежные и длинные волокна хлопка не скручиваются, что придает полотенцу специальные качества и блеск.
  • Aisha Bamboo


    Towels, bed sheets, clothing and many more are produced of bamboo fiber. In fact, it is difficult to believe that such soft fabric as cashmere can be made from bamboo. However, bamboo does not only make  towels softer but also more antimicrobial, 4 times better absorbent than cotton towels.

  • Single colour terry bed cover “Aisha”


    A perfect example of a factory-made quality bed cover. The height of the loop and its structure are designed to improve the hygroscopic properties of bed cover. Terry bed cover “Aisha” will decorate your bedroom!  The products of this line are fade-, wear- and wash resistant. Aisha bed cover is already known to consumers in Uzbekistan and has been highly praised by them