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  • Hotel Feet Towels


    Terry towels with a density of 500 gr. / m2 are ideal for hotels, boarding houses, hostels, beauty salons, spa centers, saunas, bath houses and any commercial use. As practice shows, the higher the density of a towel, the longer is its life. Besides the high density of a towel suggests its fluffiness, which customers always like.

  • Aisha Decor


    Terry towel Aisha Decor can please everyone! You have to admit that there is nothing better than to use such soft towels with fluffy pile that remarkably absorb moisture, and also, dries quite fast.

  • Aisha Chess


    Towel velour/terry. Produced by Aisha. Fabric 100% natural terry. It is absorbent, does not deform when washed, fade-resistant. This high quality towel is designed to serve you for a long time.